The fake tattoo that you drew on my arm had an x and an o never change who you are


walk up in the club like what up everybody its geoff from achievement hunter and youre watching ahwu


there is a reason I’m single and it’s called my face


The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.

Ryan biting his lip appreciation post (x) (x) (x)

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Posting this in honour of Zachary Steven Merrick’s 24th Birthday c: I got All Time Low to sign it when I saw them in February; Jack drew the happy face on himself.

You can check out my other lyric drawings here.


This took me forever, but I like how it turned out. The lyrics are accurate, except for one part of Poppin’ Champagne (I put “Why didn’t you say so” but it is suppose to be “Why don’t you say so”). Hope you like it(:

Please don’t steal this. It has my name on it if you try(: And I’m probably going to make more in the future, so if you have any requests message me.


Full color version of @seanhagwell’s photo of me during our video shoot for #DontSayGoodnight. #aj3 #jordan @jumpman23 #takeflight @jordans_daily #jagne @_jagne @zarausa @zara_worldwide #zarapictures #zaradaily #skingraft @skingraftdesigns #rolex and… @josephchase - hair


@NASHOVERSTREET, photographed in Studio City, California.